31 March 2012

Sneak of a Peak

This is the opening spread to my 'Visitors In A Stormy Night' book. Got a lot more spreads to do in a very short space of time so its all go! I think I had a little penguin that sat on my shelf when I was little too!

30 March 2012

A bit more from A Spot Of Bother

I think this part is just about finished! The little bugs make it in my opinion!

29 March 2012

Looks Like A 'Spot Of Bother'

A small section of a big spread! Getting there slowly but surely. Really pleased with how this one is flowing

25 March 2012

'Trouble and Stripes'

Here's another title i'm working on with the Templar team. Really enjoy drawing zebras ...years of working at a stable and sketching the horses in the field is paying off!

24 March 2012


Finally joined the world of Twitter! See you there!

'Little Lost Rabbit'

Here's one of my roughs from a book I have written, 'Little Lost Rabbit'. Very lucky to be working with the fabulous Blue Apple team in America. This is the start of a long editing process!

'A Spot Of Bother'

Sneak peak of a spread from 'A Spot Of Bother'! Look out for this one at the Templar stand in the Bologna Children's book fair!

'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'

Here is a scene from the animated storybook of the classic nursery rhyme 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. Really excited to see the final outcome from the wonderful Speakaboos team!

'Visitors In A Stormy Night'

Still tweaking this little spread for the new book, 'Visitors In A Stormy Night'. This one's being published by Kyowon in Korea. Very exciting!

'A Spot Of Bother'

Sneak peak at a new title i'm having fun with. Being published by the lovely Templar team, who are a real treat to work with!