20 March 2010

Finished Fox

Sneakily Finished Fox

And its done! Luckily i'm still in my Mum's good books as she likes it. Plus i've managed to keep the paint off the carpet (complete flook) lol. Hopefully I will find another wall to paint on soon. If anyone has any walls they want jazzed up a bit let me know :)

19 March 2010

Sneaky Fox

Im back home for a few days and have taken over the living room! ...About two years ago my mum came striding into the living room and announced she had had enough of its colour. She stripped all the paint, sanded it and painted one of the walls white. It remained in its random unfinished state till today when I decided to jazz a bit of it up. She's currently asleep, im hoping she likes the half painted huge Sneaky Fox thats waiting for her! To be continued...

16 March 2010

Website in Progress!

This will be the home page when I figure out how to make it so... This may take a while

9 March 2010

8 March 2010

Alice's Legs like you've never seen them before!

Its very nearly half four in the morning... and the front cover is very nearly finished! There will be epic celebrations when i'm finished! Im thinking that the white background is a little too white at the moment. Might try and jazz it up a bit with some texture and some tactfully placed dents. Haven't finished with the legs and I think the socks could stand to be brighter... Better get back on it, deadlines a looming...

3 March 2010


Instead of creating a website I made up a little poem and drew some shoes. As you do.